Kaya Wadock

Morridane hunter and guide


Kaya is the seventh child from a family of nine children and is the daughter of a Morridane smuggler who works along the Dragon’s Tongue. Her short stature and slight build is characteristic of the Morridanes who inhabit the Thornwood area, whilst her hair gives away her Kossite heritage. She has her father’s green eyes and she inherited her raven black hair and pale skin from her mother, who in turn was the daughter of a Kossite Woodsman who had settled in Fellig after the end of the Thornwood War.

Being from a large family she has always had to compete against her siblings and from a young age she learnt to have her wits about her. Her Kossite grandfather, Petrov Serlovich, saw something of worth in the youngster and took her under his wing. Petrov taught Kaya everything he knew about woodcraft and how to hunt, even saw to it that she mastered the rifle by the time she’d seen ten summers pass by.

Just as she hit her teens a double tragedy (from her point of view) hit; Her beloved grandfather upped and left one day after a visit from ‘some old friends’, whilst her father ran afoul of the law and moved the family to Five Fingers, a far cry from the forests where Kaya had enjoyed her childhood. Her time spent in Five Fingers was the most miserable few years of her life, a few of her elder siblings fell in with gangs whilst Kaya herself barely avoided trouble as the family struggled with poverty. She considered joining the army as a way of escaping, but ultimately signed on with a caravan as a guide and escort.

After a few years of working on the caravans she got noticed by a travelling lord when Kaya saved his life whilst fending off a bandit attack. This was none other than Lord Hadlow Hawkins, a keen huntsman and had known Kaya’s grandfather when he’d visited Fellig on occasions. Recalling Kaya’s grandfather and realizing who she actually was, Lord Hawkins offered her a job as a hunter and guide. She got quartered near the Hawkins family estates near Rimmocksdale Lake in her capacity serving in his employ, and has often accompanied Hadlow Hawkins and his son Reginald on hunting expeditions and sometimes assorted tasks of varying nature.

Kaya Wadock

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