Hadlow Hawkins

Count Hawkins, Lord of Rimmocksdale Lake


Male Caspian, 49 years old.


Count Hawkins is cousin by marriage to Viscount Pollus Rathleagh, Earl of Rimmocksdale. Through a friendly arrangement, he has the agreeable position of being lord over the lake itself, and not the surrounding mountains and valleys. Count Hawkins manages the lake’s fishermen, steamboats, and the geothermal hot springs popular among visitors to the region. He resides with his wife and his elderly mother at their lakeside manor.

Count Hawkins’ father was the Viscount Chester Hawkins (489 – 555) who was awarded titles and lands in recognition of heroism in the Thornwood War. His mother is the Lady Geraldine Hawkins (489 – ).
Count Hawkins is the father of Reginald Hawkins, who of late is dwelling in Ceryl with his valet Westley Alexander, and the Hawkins chief huntmaster Kaya Wadock.

Hadlow Hawkins

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