A walled fort city and harbour, Uldenfrost is home to loggers, fishermen, tanners, hunters and trappers. It hosts a sizable garrison of green Winter Guard, most of whom are villagers merely serving their mandatory time as conscripts.

Kovnic Grigor Alexeivich is the town’s military governor.

6,000 – 7,000 permanent residents, mostly Khard and Kossite. The population can up to double during the long winter months.

A small Winter Guard contingent is garrisoned in the barracks here. While some are career military, most are young men serving their required time as conscripts. Two fortified bastions equipped with pairs of ancient heavy cannon stand either side of the harbour mouth. The governor will press local inhabitants and nearby trappers and manhunters to bolster its numbers in time of need.

Complex manufactured goods, vegetables, grain, and some luxury items.

Furs, hides, and exotic leather. Fish, ice, timber, and pine tar. Declining market in seal and whale oils.

Founded after the Rebellion by fur traders, this glorified trapping post is perfectly situated to exploit the abundant supply of fur-bearing mammals in the area. Conflicts with the Nyss resulting in numerous deaths on both sides have encouraged trappers and traders to increase the fortifications of this northern Khadoran base of operations.

The buildings and walls of Uldenfrost are built from the pines of the nearby Targoss taiga, actually part of the western Scarsfell. Originally lashed together and glued with pine tar, the newer buildings are constructed using more sophisticated joinery techniques of maritime carpentry.

The interior of the city contains various trade operations, skinning houses and tanneries, as well as the barracks and kovnik’s quarters. Uldenfrost also contains a counting house, some barns, a foundry, a smithy, a carpenter shop, and the Inn of the Three Seahorses. A large stonework well in the centre of town provides the citizens with freshwater, in addition to what is kept from snow and rain. Warmed by an underground sulphur spring, the well water smells and tastes bad, but never freezes. Adult residents prefer to drink vyatka anyway.

There is only one stone building, which predates the town’s founding. It is the grim Temple of Menoth Righteous, near the heart of the settlement. Its domed roof is one of the tallest structures in Uldenfrost, visible from far outside the southern walls. Nearer to the homes of the more prominent fur traders and merchants is a smaller chapel to Morrow, housed in an old residence. This is actually better attended than the Old Faith temple, though it doesn’t provide the security afforded by the Flameguard garrisoned within the latter’s stone walls.

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