A Timeline of Technological Milestones

The Thousand Cities Era

1100 BR – Water mills are popular
1100 BR – Apothecary Voldu Grova writes on creation of handheld alchemical explosives
1000 BR – Coal replaces wood as the most universal fuel source, smelting of iron soon follows
1000 BR – First horse-powered wooden railways built in the Khardic Empire.

The Age of Reason

940 BR – Printing press with movable type invented by clockmaker and Rector Janus Gilder
940 – 740 BR – Introduction of clockwork crossbow, Adler stereoscope, telescope, sextant, and first accurate naval maps.
850 BR – Introduction of the paper mill
810 BR – Gramslo Tarna founds first successful textile mill
750s BR – Textile mills producing sailcloth can be found in most major cities
753 BR – an early tome on alchemy, called Crucibilus Synthetatus, is penned by the scholar Copolius
740 BR – Drago Salvoro invents the steam engine
736 BR – Urbal Rothbal uses steam engine to pump water from mines
635 BR – Trinary piston-driven steam engine invented by Leonid Bratakov
620 BR – Steam engines applied in paddlewheel boats
620 BR – First steam locomotive invented in Khador
600 BR – Steam engines adopted by textile mills

The Orgoth Invasion and Occupation

600 BR – Orgoth invasion begins.
– Orgoth slaves build first cobblestone roads.
– Orgoth destroy most shipbuilding towns, steamboat technology lost
– Orgoth destroy printing presses used in propaganda, technology lost
137 BR – First reported human sorcery. Sebastien Kerwin studies it to create model for arcane wizardry.
96 BR – Sebastien Kerwin his Dissertations on Thaumaturgical Formula – the first arcane manual
96 – 64 BR – Kerwin theorizes the possible invention of rune plates and arcanodynamic accumulators.
20 BR – Order of the Golden Crucible conducts experiments on rudimentary blasting powder

The Beginnings of Rebellion

0 AR – Declaration of the Rebellion by the Iron Fellowship. First experiments in mechanika.
28 AR – Prototype of first handheld firearm created by Aurumn Alchemist Oliver Gulvont
80 AR – introduction of pinlock firing mechanism to guns
107 AR – Victor Baerd creates first arcane rune plate
111 AR – Victor Baerd and others found Fraternal Order of Wizardry for research into mechanika
140 AR – Maximillian Nivin invents cerebral matrix, and small steam-powered automaton
~150 AR – Phineas Bainbridge experiments in creating stable accumulator, based on Kerwin’s theories
158 AR – Elias Decklan creates first man-sized mechanikal construct automaton
181 AR – Iron Alliance builds first factories for the construction of Colossals
191 AR – First emergence of a Colossal, in Caspia. At least five more are created to repel the Orgoth.

Occupation Ends, Reconstruction Begins, Modernization Continues

202 AR – Corvis Treaties create modern nations of Khador, Cygnar, Llael, and Ord.
– Coin sizes and weights standardized
– Leryn Bullion Exchange only authorized agent to melt down coin
231 AR – Steam technology re-introduced for use in riverboats
233 AR – Norov Ironworks introduces steam engines in manufacturing
241 AR – Creation of the cortex, and the first steamjack by Magnus Bastion Rathleagh
242 AR – Fraternal Wizards defect to Khador, stealing cortex technology
246 AR – Salvoro Forge & Engineeringworks founded in Korsk
250s AR – Cyriss-tech first reported – clockwork servitors and priests seen.
250 AR – Khador begins Colossal War
257 AR – Khador surrenders, and all its Colossals and their factories are destroyed.
261 AR – Rectors Fenric Gannek and Andrea Bruer unveil steam-powered printing press
267 AR – First warjacks commissioned for use in the Second Trollkin War
283 AR – Rumours of founding of first official Cult of Cyriss
295 AR – Khadoran Institute of Engineering founded to advance technology in the Motherland
300 AR – Robul Vursovich creates the first Khadoran steam-powered paddleboat
308 AR – Invention of Gasparo’s Arcantrik Convergence Engine
333 AR – Cygnaran king Fergus the Fervid nationalizes printing press technologies
343 AR – Magnus Jullian Montfort creates first prototype for warcaster armour
393 AR – Khadoran Mechaniks’ Assembly founded as a branch of the Khadoran Institude of Engineering
420 AR – Harbridge Canterdum invents first voltaic coil, an elemental emitter
436 AR – Magnus Ashlan Halstead invented arcantrik relay, predecessor to the arc node
451 AR – Korsk-Skirov Rail project begun
468 AR – Ironhull ships first sighted in Cygnaran fleets
470 AR – Jachemir Venianminov’s work leads to standardized Man-O-War standardized steam armor
478 AR – First reintroduction of the steam-powered locomotive heralds completion of Korsk-Skirov line.

The Modern Era

500 AR – Cygnaran Dispatch Alliance delivers mail for military
500 AR – Huge ironhull warships defend against the threat of Cryx
503 AR – Crucible Arms formed to distribute ammunition, blasting powder, and reagents.
505 AR – First transfer companies, holding companies, and banks begin to appear.
526 AR – Cygnaran Dispatch Alliance delivers mail for merchants
526 AR – Mercarian League formally consolidated
533 AR – Cyrissit cultists use a device armed with a chronometric trigger in an attempt on King Vinter II’s life, Cyris worship declared illegal
534 AR – Completion of rail line from Caspia to Steelwater Flats
551 AR – Simonyev Blaustavya forms Blaustavya Shipping & Rail
554 AR – Rail line from Steelwater Flats to Ironhead Station only half complete
555 AR – Pulgar Ghordson founds Ghordson Heavy Armaments steamjack foundry
556 AR – Invention of the Quake Hammer for use in warjack armament
558 AR – Carros Culareo founds Meredian Ventures steamboat shipping company
560 AR – first tactical use of elemental chamber, invented earlier by Bandor Og’Machala’s
563 AR – Rhulic Rail established.
564 AR – Rail line from Korsk to Khardov and Ohk begun.
567 AR – Progress stalled on Korsk-Khardov-Ohk line.

The Future, i.e., Things That Do Not Yet Exist

573 AR – Rhulic Rail completes three rail lines in under ten years.
573 AR – First “broadside” news periodicals printed and distributed

575 AR – Hooaga smoking goes from gentlemanly hobby to mass popularity
576 AR – All non-military mail delivery stopped when Vinter Raelthorn IV ascends the throne
577 AR – Rail line from Steelwater Flats to Ironhead Station complete after 43 years.
579 AR – Talon warjacks decomissioned and enter secondary markets
579 AR – Narman Halladian’s company Omnibus Rail begins installing cable cars in Ceryl
580 AR – Invention of the pocket watch, fittingly, in Clocker’s Cove
583 AR – Czavyana Trading Posts first established
583 AR – the first magelock firearms invented at the Ironhead Enclave using a new Rhulic alloy
584 AR – Omnibus Rail cable car system complete in Ceryl
586 AR – Caspian Rail Society founded
595 AR – Corvis Caravaner’s Guild founded
600 AR – Rhulic Rail begins work on Ghord-Drotuhn line
601 AR – Korsk-Khardov-Ohk rail line finally completed after 37 years.
601 AR – Market Line from Steelwater Flats to Bainsmarket completed.
603 AR – Orven Line from Steelwater Flats to Orven completed.
605 AR – Montmart Traveller light labourjack available for purchase. Only 22,000 crowns!


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