Story Synopsis

BOOK THREE: In Which The Explorers Return To Find Turmoil In Uldenfrost

Starring: Grigory, Jonas, Valdon, Oxiana, Scyri, Tassar, Mearra, Krosh, and Harlin.
Guest Starring: Koldun Iiuri Zabara and Kapitan Molzev, Nicalo, Markus, Piotyr, Thorn, Koloz, Berkholdt, Olaf Gustafson
Super Secret Special Guest Stars: Geodric Appleyard, Professor Clapton

Gorim 1st, Rowen:

The Uldenstream and Icebrands divisions of the Corvis Expedition arrive, by coincidence or divine providence, back at the gates of Uldenfrost on the same day, having each encountered more than they bargained for in their sojourn in the north.

After being made to wait and reconvene at the city’s North Gate, the heroes are herded into a narrow holding area between the tall pine walls. A platoon of Winter Guard led by Kapitan Molzev level their blunderbusses at the trapped adventurers, and demand they drop their belongings and weapons. Grigory curses and reaches for his axe, swearing loudly, and this provokes several of the Winter Guard to open fire, hitting Grigory and Piotyr.

The others comply with their captors’ orders, except for Koloz who makes a daring scramble up the sheer pine barricade. The young barbarian Ice Runner is shot and hit by several of the guard, but manages to make it over the wall and presumably runs off to escape.

The captives are led through the streets of Uldenfrost to the Winter Guard barracks, where they are questioned by Greylord Koldun Iiuri Zabara and a masked Menite scrutator whose divine invocations keep anyone in the room from lying. The members of the Corvis expedition are accused of colluding with their leader Professor Clapton in a conspiracy to attack the city’s walls, and it is revealed that the Professor and his company were killed attempting just that some weeks past.

Cleared of suspicion when they tell of their separate adventures in the North, the rest of the expedition is freed but instructed not to leave the city. Alvarek the Paladin stays behind to explain his months-long absence and the trouble brewing near the Icebrands and on the coast.

The others all head to the Inn of the Three Seahorses where they meet an ogrun monster hunter called Krosh Skullseeker and a helpful (if inebriated) sailor by the name of Olaf Gustafson. The tipsy seaman offers to escort Mearra and the senior research assistants to the city docks to investigate Professor Clapton’s fate, while Krosh stays at the inn to eagerly listen to the stories of adventure and battle.

Jonas, Oxiana, Scyri and Tassar try with little luck to inquire about the state of affairs in Uldenfrost, and eventually make their way to a local Morrowan church. There, they meet Harlin Blackwell, a battle chaplain, and his squire Berkholdt. Harlin returns with them to the Inn of the Three Sea Horses, interested in hearing more of their story.

Meanwhile, finding little at the docks, Mearra is accosted by a suspicious man in an alleyway who plans to meet her later with information about Professor Clapton. Instead, upon their return, the group finds themselves involved in a scuffle with a devious, magic-wielding scholar. A bar fight erupts as the elusive man tries to escape. Cornered, he exchanges the name of a ship for his freedom. Oxiana disappears through the kitchen.

With Winter Guard likely on their trail, Jonas takes the most proficient warriors with him and hurries to the docks. They find Olaf Gustafson aboard the Dewclaw, and seek to come aboard. There, they find Professor Clapton and his quartermaster Geodric Appleyard, still living, and planning their escape from Uldenfrost.

Clapton reveals that an overly suspicious city garrison attacked the base camp party when they tried to return to Uldenfrost. The warjack, Alfred, stormed the walls and the tired and hungry campers had no choice but to join in the fray against the winter guard. When Greylord Koldun Zabara began to slay the peasants with his magic, Clapton and Appleyard were secreted past the city walls by a mysterious stranger whose mesmerizing tricks distracted the soldiers.

The chaplain Harlin and his hireling arrange for the scholars’ departure under cover of night. Grigory and Tassar decide to stay behind in Uldenfrost, though for very different reasons, leaving Scyri and Mearra to join Jonas in stowing away on the Dewclaw. The ship successfully smuggles the survivors of the Corvis Expedition out of the cold city, and south to safety.


Iron Kingdoms: Flight from the North Whimper