Story Synopsis

BOOK ONE: In Which Our Heroes Attempt A Rescue

Alvarek, Borok, Blasko, Drago, Dmitri, Grigory, Ivana, Valdon, Jachemir & Kohan, Oxiana, Piotyr, Rathlar, and scholars Jonas and Markus.

Gorim 5th, Cinten:

Vellard’s party travels to the edge of a large forest. Late at night, the party is surprised by the arrival of the near-frozen dwarven friar from Uldenfrost, who had hurried day and night to catch them.

Gorim 6th, Cinten:

While on watch in the forest, Rathlar is attacked by a pair of argus. The others arrive in time to defeat the animals, but not to save Rathlar who perishes from his wounds.

Gorim 7th, Cinten:

Blasko reveals his and Rathlar’s true mission- to find out the fate of Paladin Alvarek, and after building a cairn for their fallen guide, the expedition begrudgingly heads for the trapping and fishing village on the Icebrand Lake. Upon arriving there at nightfall, they find the village disturbingly quiet.

Vendarl 1st, Rowen:

The party encounters a frightened young fisherman, Piotyr Sadkovich, and a dark druid named Drago Karakov. The fighters defeat both newcomers, but not before setting off a tremendous explosion on the lake. During the scuffle, Markus Vellard goes missing. The group takes the two Khadorans prisoner for questioning, but is soon beset by raiding dregg, cruelly twisted nocturnal monsters that revel in the pain they cause. Victorious, the group decides to work together to find out the cause of the attacks, and the whereabouts of the lost researcher.

Vendarl 2nd, Rowen:

While the rest of the expedition tends their wounds and tries to prepare for repeat attacks, others choose to follow the surviving dregg attackers back to their lair. Blasko, Borok, and Ivana instruct the group to return to Uldenfrost via the coastline if they do not return in three days. The trio then sets off, Blasko easily tracking the bleeding enemies through the forest. The Blackclad Drago leaves as well, but headed swiftly in his own direction, disappearing into the wilds.

Vendarl 5th, Rowen:

After days of being barricaded inside the tavern despite the nicer weather, the remainder of the expedition is growing restless. Piotyr the fisherman has mostly given in to despair, realizing that all of his father’s firearm ammunition likely lay at the bottom of the Icebrands. Grigory reminds the group of their instructions, but Jonas and Valdon refuse to give up hope that the others might return. The agree to search the town for supplies when two more surviving villagers approach the tavern. Wolf-tamer Jachemir Volkhevich and bowyer Dmitri Mendeleev formed the last remnant of the tiny village’s militia, and had been safely holed up in a mansion on the hill. They had had experience in fending off the dregg, so they agree to go with the group to take vengeance for their lost komrades.

The party tracks the first group to a cavern in the forest, and exploring it, discovers the fallen bodies of Borok and Blasko who were killed by dregg spears. Exploring the deepest reaches of the cavern, they find a tunnel which leads to an old subterranean fortress. They defeat the dregg guards in their lair, and the search party explores the metal ruins until they find the room where the Paladin Alvarek, still living, is imprisoned. The party discovers Markus Vellard and Drago Karakov in similar cages, and become caught in a life-or-death fight against their metal-filled undead jailors and several strong dregg. Wounded from the battle, the rescuers free the captives and bury Borok, Blasko, and Ivana, whose body they found in that prison. The survivors return to the village to recover, and share the news with their companions.

Vendarl 6th, Rowen:

Valdon and Drago pledge to stay at the house, healing and protecting the wounded Cygnaran scholars. Meanwhile, Piotyr leads the others into the village to search for supplies, before they all head back to the caves to bring justice to the foul dregg. They find the caves and the metal lair beyond strangely empty, however. The tunnels open up into a vast metal structure with seemingly endless narrow corridors. They find a huge chamber filled with water, containing the rusted remains of a Colossal, one of the ancient defenders of humankind from the occupying Orgoth empire.

Following the sound of screams, the avengers find mutilated dregg bodies, and follow stairs up to a third story. This new area is a veritable slaughterhouse, frozen villagers’ bodies covered anew with the blood of recently slain dregg. A shadowy figure is seen to torture several dregg to death, and the party attacks it. The thing captures Dmitri and subjects the archer to cruel and horrible pain, whilst summoning a force of undead minions to attack the others.

Vendarl 7th, Rowen:

A long and frightful battle ensues between the rescuers and their spectral opponent. The villain blows a magical horn which shatters the windows of the his lair, causing the room to flood with icy water. The party pursues the foe up into a new level above the slaughter. There, as water rushes below, they make two important discoveries. The upper decks were the lair of a powerful torturer serving an unknown ‘Lord Scipiactacus’, and the metal tomb they’d been exploring was actually the derelict remains of a Khadoran lake freighter, which was beginning to sink the rest of the way!

In their haste to escape the vessel before the water reclaimed it forever, the group gathers some valuables, but leave behind the body of poor Dmitri the archer. The cruel, ragged horror continues to torment them, bleeding Jachemir nearly to death before blowing its horn once more. The magical instrument explodes, shattering more windows through which the defeated creature flies away into the early dawn.

The survivors manage to help Jachemir and his wolf Kohan out the broken windows and back into fresh air, and together they flee the sinking ship, finding themselves on the surface of the Icebrand Lake. After some searching, Grigory and Piotyr come across a cave which might provide shelter, but it is home to a pack of wolves protecting their territory. Kohan and the pack leader seem to recognize each other, though, and the wolves do not attack. Instead, one animal leads the party to a collapsed cabin where they rest and prepare to return to the village.

Upon their arrival into the village, they discover their friends waiting for them. Dregg had attacked once more in the night, but these were ill-equipped and desperate. It seemed the sinking of their underwater lair, and the preceding massacre had left them in a panic.

The group spends a few days recuperating and gathering supplies, before Jachemir announces that he will be heading off to explore the villages of the Scarsfell to the southeast. Drago also leaves to report his findings to his mysterious druid superiors. All the others take the road south, now clear of snow, and make their way back to Uldenfrost.

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