The Icebrand Lakes

The Icebrands are a pair of large, connected lakes in northern Khador. A number of smaller lakes are joined to them by streams only in warmer years. They feed the Icebrand river, which empties into the Helvongen Bay south of Uldenfrost.

The lakes are completely frozen for nearly half the year, and in particularly cold years they hardly thaw at all. This has been the case for nearly a decade now, and the local trappers and fishermen are ready for a change of weather. Inhabitants of the region say the ice in the water never truly melts, for it is always exceptionally cold. The lakes cross the tree line- the north lake is surrounded mainly by tundra and the south by forest. Further north of the lakes is a great glacier where none but the Nyss live.

The land surrounding the lakes is flat, or has low rolling hills typical of this part of the north. In warm years, the land can be pocked with hundreds of cold marshes, which is one of the factors which makes counting the smaller lakes so difficult. In the recent cold years, some of these have remained covered in snow so long as to have been forgotten completely.


There are a number of summer and semi-permanent hunter camps around the southern of the large lakes, as well as one permanent village on the southwest side. This village is a relatively new addition to the area and has only been around for a few generations. The nameless settlement is primarily made up of Kossites, though some seem to have Skirov ancestry as well. So far removed from even Uldenfrost, the people are nevertheless Khadorans, and most men still venture to the nearest proper towns for conscription in the Winter Guard. The village has but a few hundred residents, most of whom are hunters, trappers, and fishermen who drill holes in the ice with heavy augers. The town lacks any real governance, and is mainly an alliance of families who have agreed to protect each other and trade with Uldenfrost as a united group.

Fairly large tribes of bogrin are reputed to dwell northeast of the lakes, and beyond them are ancestral lands of the icy Nyss. Few of the regions inhabitants have ever seen a winter elf though, and fewer still have survived to tell of the meeting. Family storytellers speak of a time when ogrun and dwarves alike shared the north with the humans, but then, storytellers speak of many unbelievable things.


Little written history exists about the area, and it seems to locals as if things have always been the same there. At the northern edge of what was once Kos, it is now simply a neglected corner of Khador. There are rumors of treasure-filled strongholds of ancient Kossite warlords, and of dark fortresses of the Orgoth oppressors, but none have ever found these, and most are happy enough not to go looking.

Those few villagers with access to scholarly accounts of the Oppression and subsequent Rebellion note that the Orgoth seldom ventured this far north, as the richest parts of the land were in the Khardic lands.

The Decimated Village

In the year following the missionary visit of Alvarek, Paladin of the Wall, the village was made a ghost-town when dregg raiders killed or abducted all but a few of its inhabitants. Its last survivors have left it behind; its last secrets are left forgotten.

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