Western Immoren in 570 AR

The first books of the Iron Kingdoms RPG were set at the end of 602 AR, a very important time just as the ice of peace in the land was beginning to crack. The two volumes of Full Metal Fantasy were set in 604 and 605 AR, respectively, as dark forces revealed themselves and the Iron Kingdoms were plunged into war on all fronts. The current storyline of the most recent products is set in 608 AR or later, during a time when war has become a way of life for all.

Flight From The North precedes all of that by a generation, and this page will help explain some of the differences you’ll notice between the IK of the present storyline, and the IK as it was in 570 AR.

Long Live the King, and Glorious Be His Reign
- Rulers of the Iron Kingdoms

Technology & Industry
- The Forefront of Progress

International Attitudes

Feelings are usually mutual between nations, but not always. On this chart, relationships are described from the perspective of the nations listed on the left column. Read across to see how a nation feels towards its neighbours. To see how a nation is perceived, find its name at the top and look at each line beneath.

Allies – Active trade, shared information, good diplomacy, pledge of military aid and protection
Friendly – Active trade, good diplomatic relationship
Neutral – Limited trade and diplomacy
Tense – Hindered trade, reluctant diplomacy characterized by suspicion and distrust
Hostile – Prohibited trade, hatred and spite, acts of piracy and sabotage and aggression
War – All trade and contact considered treason, open military conflict
Unknown – This nation is unrecognized in diplomacy, or even completely unknown.


*the perspectives and attitudes of this nation are not generally known or understood by outsiders.


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