Cygnar emerged from the Corvis Treaties as the strongest and wealthiest nation of Western Immoren. It was able to unite the ancient lands of Caspia with the sprawling Midlunds as well as much of Thuria’s southern fertile coasts and the forested holds of the insular Morridanes, inheritors of the bloodlines of Morrdh. Together the diverse people of these regions have pooled their strengths and united as proud Cygnarans.

Cygnar has no lack of iron, gold, timber, food, gems, quarries, or any other resource coveted by a modern nation. It is a nation boasting many great minds who have pushed advances in alchemy and mechanika to new heights, giving the nation a technological edge over its rivals. Its warjacks boast inventive armaments and bow to the will of their warcasters, who are trained by the finest military academy in the Iron Kingdoms.

From the time of the Corvis Treaties, Cygnar has bordered each of the original Iron Kingdoms: Ord to the northwest, Khador to the north on the far side of the Thornwood, and Llael to the northeast. The Bloodstone Marches made up its eastern border until the Cygnaran Civil War. The end of that religious conflict resulted in the establishment of the Protectorate of Menoth, a region governed by a theocracy that would in time become increasingly independent and hostile.

Cygnar is ruled by King Vinter Raelthorne III. It is said you cannot squeeze blood from a stone, but when it comes to taxation, Vinter “the Stoneheart” has proved this false. His grim and unyielding reign has been three decades of paralyzing taxes, with the use of debtors as indentured labour. Still, while the citizens of Cygnar have paid (and those of the Protectorate of Menoth have starved), the army and navy have grown strong and Cygnar has gone untouched by major war for many years.


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