Perched on the far western tip of Cygnar, the great port city of Ceryl is known for its strong tradition in the arcane arts. It is a huge city with all the appearances of a mountain built row upon row and street upon busy street upward from the crowded waterfront. Here and there the spires and spikes of churches and towers rise above the rust-colored tile roofs of humbler dwellings, and among them are the blocky whitestone structures encircled by palisades of dark iron, homes of prosperous merchants, or powerful magi.

Just along the wharfs, the smoke of the sprawling factories is quickly swept away by strong ocean winds while everywhere whitewashed buildings gleam in the sun whenever the clouds break. The extensive Cerylian waterfront is every bit as busy as those of Cygnar’s two other great port cities, Caspia and Mercir. Steamjacks labor among the docks conveying endless supplies and crated goods along the thoroughfares and down to the paddlewheel steamships and heavily laden galleons with their broad flapping standards and sails. Vessels of every tonnage, rig, and calling populate the bay that also serves as one of the Cygnaran Navy’s major shipyards. Hence the masts, spars, and stacks of several warships are seen here at any given time.

Ceryl is also noted as a city of wizards, many of whom wield a disproportionate amount of influence. All of the major wizard orders have a presence in the “Bastion City,” shortened from “Bastion of the Arcane.” Ceryl houses the headquarters for the Fraternal Order of Wizardry, said to be the true masters of the city. Indeed, calling it Bastion City is fitting, for it was once home to the legendary Sebastien Kerwin whose writings and teachings were paramount in the understanding and application of magic and who established the Arcanist’s Acadame and the Circle of the Oath, both of which led to the rise of organized wizardry as well as the eventual overthrow of the Orgoth.

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