Valeria Gabora

Tordoran paralegal arcanist


Born with the pure Tordoran blood of her Ordic parents, Valeria grew into womanhood in a modest manor house at the edge of the Governor’s District in Ceryl, the only child of barrister Barzol Gabora and his second wife, Lorceta Borgiani.

With enough family affluence to afford a tutor, the bright young Valeria was groomed to work at the law firm of Peyvish, Busby & Gabora Barristers, though the misogynistic Roderick Busby quickly insinuated that a woman’s place in the world of law was in clerical matters only, citing the exclusivity of the Fraternal Order of Wizardry as a corollary.

Having grown up in a world dominated by men, their power, influence and money, the strikingly attractive woman quickly learned to discern the underlying weaknesses and motivations of both her adversaries and allies, using them to her advantage, both in a professional and personal capacity.

Though her work at Peyvish, Busby & Gabora was began as painfully menial, Valeria soon learned that information was a most valuable asset in much of the barrister’s work, and endeavoured to cultivate a multitude of contacts with which she could further her standing and worth within the law firm. Eventually, Valeria earned the respect of the firm’s partners as a valuable asset—-at the negotiating table, as a research investigator for pending cases, contract negotiations, and dispute mediation, as well as a charming escort. Though it had taken a number of years to win his approving eye, and surely her shapely curves were a growing asset, Valeria seized the opportunity to escort barrister Roderick Busby to a number of exclusive parties. From lavish affairs at the storied Thurian Palace to private high stakes gambling halls filled with the haze of expensive hooaga smoke, she learned the nuances of moving within various circles, and the subtle ways in which various interests—-financial and otherwise—-overlapped and might be woven together advantageously.


Valeria Gabora

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