Valdon Orenbek

Travelling Rhulic friar preaching the ways of Morrow in the north


Valdon stands just over four and a half feet tall. He is typically garbed in vestments of the Morrowan faith, complete with sunburst emblazoned on the front. When travelling in unfamiliar environs, he dons stout scale mail and takes up heavy mace and pistol, a family heirloom.

Bald and clean-shaven, Valdon’s height remains the clearest indication of his racial background. He is Rhulic (some say they can hear an accent), but does not talk much about his family. Instead, with a cheerful smile and twinkle in the eye, he shares tales of his youth which ultimately end in a lesson about Morrow and His teachings.


Valdon Orenbeck fell in love with humanity on a trading visit to Llael. He had accompanied his father and older brothers in delivering several orders of Rhulic-made firearms (family business) to vendors throughout the small country.

With each encounter with human culture, Valdon found himself identifying more with their attitudes than with his own. Eventually, Valdon had spent too much time with the humans. He no longer sees himself as connected to his Rhulfolk bretheren and the Great Fathers. Instead, during his time in Llael, he was exposed to the worship of Morrow and had a vision…a calling.

He abandoned his father and brothers before they returned home to Rhul, and found lodging in a small Morrowan church. There he learned the Prophet’s teachings and helped by doing odd jobs. Eventually, his father and brothers gave up searching for him, and Valdon was able to officially enter the ministry.

Eschewing the faith of his race, Valdon has taken up the cause for Morrow, learning His teachings and spreading the good news of the faith across the Iron Kingdoms. When asked how he can reconcile his belief in Morrow’s divinity with his race’s dedication to their forefathers Valdon chuckles and, with a sly wink, tells detractors “Morrow’s the tall cousin to the Great Fathers; I
see him as the Fourteenth Father.’” Since Valdon didn’t speak Llaelese, he had greater luck with his ministry in northern Cygnar, and has now come to the farthest reaches of Khador… where he is truly out of his element.

Valdon shared passage from Port Vladovar with the Corvis Expedition, and after unsuccessfully trying to preach in Uldenfrost, hurried after the explorers to join them on their quest.

Valdon Orenbek

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