Thorn Wroughthammer

Last survivor of an altogether different expedition


The last survivor of a Rhulic expedition across the northern tundra, Thorn Wroughthammer is now stranded in an tavern in Uldenfrost.

Three months ago he was a teacher and student in one of the Rhulic runemaster schools, studying the ways of the arcane magic. He was the direct heir to the single dwarf that had come back from the frozen wastes with tall tales of Rhulic outpost, lost first to the Orgoth and then to time and snow. He was assigned to a new expedition to seek it out, and it was only right that the bloodline that left the fortress was with the people finding it again.

Unfortunately the expedition went sour almost from the start. The weather was hard, the aggressive wildlife cost them three warriors in the first few days and after a month their rations spoiled. But it wasn’t until they met the winter trolls things really got bad. Thorn was separated from the rest of the group, and for over a month he (along with two warriors and a guide) wandered the wastes living off what they could find while fleeing the pursuing trolls. It ended in a mighty battle worthy of any bard’s tale. Thorn was wounded when a troll’s punch knocked him unconscious.

Anyone in this state could expect to be a troll’s dinner, but Thorn awoke to find himself listening to wind and beating wings, tied up in a burlap sack strapped to the back of a huge bird, whose rider he could hear laughing madly. Blind and flying were two experiences any dwarf would expect from the journey to Urcaen, but Thorn was not dead. Instead, he was being brought in trade to the people of the Skretnya tribe camped on the Uldenstream. The dark-skinned bird-rider who saved him sold him to the tribe before flying off once more on the back of his one-eyed saqu.

Thorn Wroughthammer

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