Scyri Avery

Iosan warbard of Ord


Despite her shapely form, everything about this warbard of Ord suggests a playfulness and innocence befitting a precocious child. Though she speaks with a Thurian accent and seems in every way to be a native of Ord, men and women alike are startled when they find themselves staring into Scyri’s large, liquid eyes- eyes which betray an exotic quality unique to the inhabitants of Ios. Those green orbs, along with the girl’s laugh and smile, entrance anyone who sees her. Scyri wears her light brown hair down over her pointed ears, and dresses herself in simple but feminine clothing.

Scyri’s father chose to take his family out of Ios against his wife’s wishes, believing there
was something tainted about the homeland leading to the births of soulless infants. He left the kingdom’s borders, fully expecting to be allowed to return once Scyri was born. When they came back, though, Scyri’s father was denied entry. In a rage, he attacked one of the sentries- and was killed. The Iosans were regretful to leave a young mother and her newborn without protection in the woods, but they were not going to allow them entry either. They coldly escorted Scyri and her mother back through the trap-filled forest leading to the Gate of Mists, and saw them safely to Merywyn.

Scyri’s mother didn’t really talk to her about why she left, only about why she refuses to ever go back. Scyri expects that the whole thing had to do with her father, whom her mother despises first among all elves. Scyri grew up hearing this disdain towards her father, and imitated it in her early years. But as she became a teenager and eventually set out on her own, she has begun to wonder if everything her mother said was true.

Scyri was raised from very early childhood in Ord- basically consider her as having been brought up as a Thurian. She wasn’t ever properly taught the worship of Scyrah or the elven pantheon, and has always been loosely interested in the Morrowan faith, if only because it’s what everyone around her believed in. She didn’t convert from one religion to the other, but neither is she so dedicated to Morrow that she wouldn’t switch back to Scyrah if it was called for.

Scyri enlisted in the Ordic Army as a warbard, where her talent for storytelling and her rousing musical gifts helped her rise to the top in Midfast. She grew bored with life in the garrison, though, and joined the Corvis Expedition when the opportunity arose.

Scyri Avery

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