Reginald Hawkins

Cygnaran nobleman


Reginald Hawkins is the eldest son of Count Hadlow Hawkins, Lord of Rimmocksdale Lake. He was born and raised in Rimmocksdale, a small province at the base of the Wyrmwall Mountains near the mining city of Orven. Considered one of the less important Cygnaran provinces, it is still a source of significant mining. Rimmocksdale is ruled by Earl Pollus Rathleagh, Viscount Lord of Banwick Manor.

Reginald’s grandfather was the Viscount Chester Hawkins (489 – 555) who was awarded titles and lands in recognition of heroism in the Thornwood War. His grandmother is the Lady Geraldine Hawkins (489 – ), who still resides in the family’s lakeside manor.

Living in the somewhat rural province, Reginald spent a lot of time in the countryside, climbing and swimming and generally enjoying the outdoors moreso than he would have had be been the son of a nobleman whose holdings were in a more urban area. When he came of age, his father engaged the services of various tutors to educate him in more worldly subjects than those found in Rimmocksdale. Most recently, a young man by the name of Westley Alexander became his tutor, friend, and travelling companion as the young Hawkins began to travel to various parts of Cygnar.

Reginald Hawkins

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