Rathlar Varnek

Vengeful Umbrean ranger


Age: 32. Died Gorim 6th, Cinten 570 AR.
Height: 6’1", Weight: 160
Eyes: Green, Hair: Black

Rathlar was a tall, slim Umbrean whose body showed signs of severe scarring everywhere visible. He wore dark green clothing and a black greatcoat, with a well-made chain shirt showing here and there from beneath it. He carried a small, equally well-made steel shield, emblazoned with the symbol of a red griffon on a black background. Across his back was a Caspian battleblade, with faint green symbols etched down its length, which almost seem to glow. It was paired with a masterfully-crafted shortsword hanging in a scabbard on his belt. His black hair was rather long, and his light green eyes were shaded and intense.


Rathlar’s hatred for the monsters known as “dregg” knew few bounds. These cruel beings burned down his home, and killed his wife and son while dragging Rathlar away in chains, beginning their gruesome tortures before the blood of his family had even dried on his hands. His escape came in the form of a rescue from his few friends and his mentor, Elias Snowscape, who heard the terrible noises from the Dregg camp and drove them away from their prey with fire and steel. Since then, Rathlar hunted the Dregg unceasingly, using the skills he learned from Snowscape to cut down the elusive foes, wherever they appeared.

Rathlar’s search took him to Uldenfrost, where he heard of the expedition. Suspecting dregg involvement in the disappearance of a Menite Paladin of the Wall, he joined the Corvis Expedition, knowing their intended course would take them closer to his enemies. Rathlar was a very serious and quiet hunter, swift and lithe when in combat or on the trail, using his physical attributes to their utmost. He was a reluctant leader of the party, but did his best to establish a rapport with the expedition.

Rathlar died investigating noises in the woods while on night watch, attacked by a pair of arguses. Their doppler barking had stunned him, and he was unable to fight back until it was too late. His funeral was presided over by Father Valdon Orenbek in a Morrowan ceremony, and Rathlar was interred with his possessions in a modest cairn at the edge of a forest between Uldenfrost and the Icebrand Lakes.

Rathlar Varnek

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