Pollus Rathleagh

Viscount Pollus Rathleagh, Earl of Rimmocksdale Province


Male Thurian, 52 years old.


Pollus Rathleagh, Earl of Rimmocksdale Province, Viscount Lord of Banwick Manor. The Rathleaghs are an old Thurian line, with strong ties to both the Cygnaran monarchy and the Thurian nobility in Ceryl.

Some of the Rathleighs of Banwick Manor:
The late Earl Gerald Rathleagh 465-528 + Countess Mairy 478-535
- The late Earl Tyndor Rathleagh 495-551 + Countess Lena 500-530
- – Viscount Casner Rathleagh 530-
- – Viscount and Earl Pollus Rathleagh 518- + Countess Jaynl 520-
- – - his son Count Quinlan Rathleagh 550-

Pollus Rathleagh

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