Piotyr Sadkovich

Kossite fisherman


This Kossite youth is bundled in thick fur coats, his fine features drawn thin from hunger. A few days of reddish stubble hides his cheekbones, and there’s a look in his eyes that is at once lost and desperate.


Piotyr grew up in an unnamed village on the shore of the Icebrand Lakes in northern Khador. Like most Khadoran men, Piotyr’s father Sadko had once been a Winter Guard, and hoped the same for his son.

Piotyr’s interests laid elsewhere, and his father took the risk of keeping him from conscription while at the same time, trying to tutor him in the things he’d learned.

Half a year ago, people from their village and surrounding area started disappearing without a trace. The Kossite villagers worried that it could be a druid cult apprehending people, an ancient curse, raiding bogrin, or any number of things that didn’t make sense. Alvarek ,an Ordic paladin even arrived to try to make sense of things, and he reassured the people of their faith, but couldn’t solve the mystery. He too disappeared, in fact, and people got even more scared. Some left the village behind and moved elsewhere, others started locking themselves in their cabins.

One night, some men on watch surprised a group of raiding humanoids- ugly creatures called ‘dregg’ that they’d only heard of in folktales. These creatures were making off with the unconscious form of one of the town elders.

The guards attacked and killed the dregg, but more and more raiding parties came, and eventually the town was virtually wiped out.

Explorers from the south came to Piotyr’s village and rescued Alvarek, but Piotyr sustained hearing damage and major burns on his face and body in an explosion of blasting powder. He returned with the adventurers to Uldenfrost, to devote himself to the life of a Flameguard at the Temple of Menoth Righteous.

Piotyr Sadkovich

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