Oxiana Mikitkova

Umbrean songstress and flirt


Oxiana is a lithe (almost thin) Umbrean woman. She lets her long curly black hair dance freely. Her most noticeable feature is her dark smoky green eyes. Her lightly-bronzed skin almost gives her an exotic look. Her voice is melodic and often sultry, even singing tunes from bawdy sea shanties to old Umbrean love ballads.

She tends to wear green clothes with traditional Umbrean embroidery about it. Her winter boots are lined with dark grey rabbit fur. Her well worn greatcoat shows the remnants of a previous die job giving it an almost mossy slick tinge to it. To protect her head and face from the harsh elements she wears a long dark green woollen scarf. A travellers pack she carries over one shoulder, and over her other is her balalaika when she is not playing it.

Those looking for an easy picking would do well to look somewhere else, for the rapier at her side rests comfortably, as if she has worn and used it for a quite a while. In each boot one can see the hilts of a brace of daggers.

When not tromping about in the harsh elements she often plays for locals. She can be seen wearing a white blouse with grey woollen trousers, and a corset-like vest of green linen, embroidered with golden threads of Umbrean designs.


Oxiana was born in a small, boring village near Rorschik. Her family was known for raising high quality horses. Many merchants and even some military coming through would buy their stock. She is the second eldest daughter of six children. When Oxiana was about 10, her mother and aunt began teaching her to play the balalaika (a tradition among the women of her mother’s family), Oxiana turned out to be very talented at it. Two years later, her uncle was killed in a fire. Oxiana began working at her aunt’s tavern more and more. She liked the work, and she loved hearing the stories merchants and travellers told of far off places and people. Soon her aunt began to show Oxiana a few things, such as how to pick a patron’s pockets. After a few years her aunt even began teaching her ‘other’ skills in secret. Most of these she was taught to help alleviate her listlessness that nearly all her family recognized. Her father wanted her to learn proper women’s skills so she would marry an ‘Umbrean man of good heritage’, but her mother just wanted her to be happy. Soon she could not stand it any longer. She stole one of her fathers horses and some gear she thought she’d need and left. She stopped only for a few moments to bid her aunt good bye. Her aunt gave her the enchanted Balalaika of Yhari-Umbrey and a kiss good bye. Of all her family her aunt was the only one who truly seemed to understand her need to see things for herself.

Oxiana’s travels took her as far north as Uldenfrost, where she joined The Corvis Expedition.

Oxiana Mikitkova

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