Nicalo Acorsi

A swarthy and stubborn Tordoran illustrator


Connections: Professor Ogder Clapton, The Corvis Expedition, Nicalo Acorsi, Content Not Found: jonas-murdoch, Scyri Avery


Nicalo Acorsi looks more like a hit-man than an artist, but such misconceptions are easily put aside once one speaks to the dark-haired Tordoran. Clutching a length of charcoal as dark as his features, Acorsi turns out page after page of impressionistic nature scenes. He is stubbornly silent to those who question his technique, haughtily seeing himself as above the un-washed non-artists of the world. There is no such silence when a stubbly gray-haired Thurian named Markus Vellard chooses to poke his nose in the Tordoran’s business however. His dark eyes flaming, veins bulging in his bull-like neck, Nicalo Acorsi can bellow and rage like some misplaced Skirov barbarian.

In 570 AR, Acorsi was hired by Professor Ogder Clapton to visually document the findings of the Corvis Expedition to Khador’s far frontier.

Nicalo Acorsi

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