Markus Vellard

Cygnaran alchemist and senior research assistant to Prof. Clapton


Connections: Professor Ogder Clapton, The Corvis Expedition, Nicalo Acorsi, Content Not Found: jonas-murdoch, his late wife Orlagh Vellard


Marcus Vellard is one of Professor Odger Clapton’s endlessly arguing research assistants. A serious man with squared features, Vellard’s grey hair and receding hairline betray him as a bit old to be hiking around endlessly through the wilderness. He wears his winter outfit snugly drawn up to his chin, and seems to be rather unhappy to have been dragged from his laboratory, where he is known for brilliance in his studies of photosensitive alchemy. It is only when he is working with his “luminographic materials” that the middle-aged researcher seems to be happy, or at least tolerable.

In 570 AR, Vellard was asked to join the Corvis Expedition to Khador’s northern frontier to assist Professor Clapton do research on that remote location’s flora and fauna.

Markus Vellard

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