Jonas Murdoch

Scholar and linguist from Ceryl University


Male Caspian, 24. 5’8", 164 Lbs. Grey eyes and brown hair.

Jonas at a glance isn’t very impressive. He is somewhat slim in build and fair skinned, his clothes generally hanging loosely from his body. A pair of thin-framed glasses rest comfortably on his angular features and he can often be found sporting a pleasant smile. It seems he is never without literature of some kind and often carrying several tomes of varying subjects, though often of considerable age.

He is a man of boundless curiosity. He always and keep a cheery disposition, never wanting to be the target of pity or show his own weaknesses and short-comings. He possesses a passion for knowledge and linguistics of all cultures and walks of life, hoping one day to live to achieve a state of renown and respect.

Connections: Professor Ogder Clapton, Nicalo Acorsi, Markus Vellard, The Corvis Expedition


Jonas was always an adventurous soul. Ever since he was very young he’d wander about digging things up just to see what had been there. Unfortunately this lead the boy into no end of trouble. Once, while trecking about the foothills near New Larkholm, he was attacked by a snake and poisoned near fatally. He made it back to down through sheer nerve, before collapsing into a week long coma. His parents were horrified, and they insisted that Jonas’ older brother Seaghan keep him close and safe. The venom had nearly killed Jonas, and to this day there are times when he wished it had. The toxin had not been fatal, but they weakened him to a degree none could heal. After a year, his parents let him outside once more, but Jonas would never be healthy enough to strike out on his own quite so fearlessly.

To ask Jonas about this year would garner a sour expression and a shrug. Had he not been wounded such, he never would have begun reading as passionately as he had. He would ask his brother Seaghan to find him books for him to read in bed or by the fireplace. Sometimes his brother found books in Ordic and Llaelese, and Jonas would demand that somebody teach him the words and their meanings. Here began Jonas’ appreciation for the languages of the Iron Kingdoms.

A year after his recovery, at the age of fourteen, Jonas asked to go to school. Not just any school though, but to a university. Jonas’ family was not rich, and the request would have seemed laughable were his desire to succeed not so evident in his eyes. He studied at home and on summer trips to Ceryl and its libraries. By the time Jonas was seventeen he’d been accepted to Ceryl University, though his parents never told him exactly how. The youth’s thirst for knowledge flourished in the academic environment. He eagerly read about all things ancient, and wrote scholarly articles on Mulgur and Orgoth social structures. But after years of study, Jonas felt himself longing to do his own explorations, to “get his hands dirty” again as he had as a child.

One paper he’d penned had drawn the attention an eminent university scholar, and with the prestige came an offer of a position in the University’s department of historical research. Here, Jonas was able to handle true artifacts of ancient days and cultures, and soon came his first assignment away from the University. After unearthing a strange artifact at an
excavation of a half-buried Molgur settlement, Jonas knew his calling in life. Most recently, he has spent time at Corvis university improving his breadth of linguistic expertise. Once he’d returned to Ceryl, he was contacted by Professor Clapton of Corvis, asking for his help as translator for an expedition that would pass through the northern city on its way to Khador.

Jonas eagerly accepted the offer.

Jonas Murdoch

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