Jachemir Volkhevich

A taciturn wolf-tamer from the village on the Icebrands


Age: 22
Height: 7’, Weight: 227 lbs.
Hair: Blond, Eyes: Blue

Jachemir was a mountain amongst the trees. A 7 foot tall descendent of Skirov warlords, he stood above most of his countrymen. Bearded and tattooed and decorated with bits of bone, he presented a reminder of the practices of his mountain-dwelling ancestors. Jachemir was a hunter and trapper, and wolf trainer as well. His constant companion was his silver-furred wolf, Kohan.


Son to a Skirov manhunter and a Kossite wolf-breeder, Jachemir was raised to be both self-sufficient, and to value the strength of his family, his pack. Like nearly all Khadorans, he was proud to serve his time as a winter guard at the garrison in Uldenfrost. He struggled to learn firearms and modern techniques, instead always relying on his issued hand-axe and his keen senses.

Jachemir once thought his destiny was to live amidst the trees bordering the Icebrand Lakes, raising wolves, and watching the poor fishing village from afar. This all ended when the dregg made their presence known in his territory. Isolated from the village by choice, he found out too late that these subterranean foes had all but wiped out the the militia there. Jachemir, Kohan, and an archer named Dmitri holed up in a house on a hill, to wait out the siege. It was there that he met the members of the Corvis Expedition.

Jachemir fought valiantly to rid the village of its dregg enemies, and when his new friend Dmitri was killed by an evil spectre, he flew into a barbarian rage. He drove off the undead foe, but his body and his heart sustained wounds that would not heal for a long time.

Never fully comfortable in the company of outsiders, Jachemir and Kohan once again set off on their own. This time he intended to reach the other small villages in Khador’s north before it was too late; he wouldn’t let a massacre like the one in the Icebrands happen again.

Jachemir Volkhevich

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