Ivana Rachlavsky

A young Khardic woman with a soul of ice, and Greylord magic to match


Age : 22. Died Vendarl 2, Rowen 570 AR.
Height: 5’10" Weight: 120 Lbs
Blue eyes, Black hair

Uchenik Rachlavsky was an athletic woman with long raven black hair the made her pale skin look as white as snow. With icy blue eyes, she had an intimidating stare which could send shivers up most men’s spines. She dressed in the dark grey uniform of her order, the Greylords. It was a tight fitting leather suit, with a thick greatcoat made of white furs. On one hip was a military pistol and on the other, a masterfully crafted mechanikal battleaxe. The axe was covered in Khurzic runes that glowed blue when the weapon was brandished in anger.


Serving under the command of Kovnik Grigor Alexeivich and Greylord Koldun Iiuri Zabara, Uchenik Ivana Rachlavsky sought prestige and advancement in the Greylord order. She served as official emissary of the Khadoran military with the Corvis expedition. Ivana did not always get along with the members of her company, who regarded her with a measure of fear and suspicion. Ivana met her match in combat with dregg, outnumbered by the hideous warriors underground near the Icebrand Lakes.

Ivana Rachlavsky

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