Grigory Fedorovich

Umbrean mercenary warrior


Male Khard,
Height: 6’5", Weight: 202 lbs
Eyes : brown, Hair : black

Sometimes referred to as ‘a bear of a man’, Grigory would probably remark, that also bears are bigger, he might be stronger. Packed with muscles and speaking (and singing!) in a loud booming voice, Grigory is easily detected even in a crowd. His long black hair and beard may seem unkempt, but are merely untamed. He wears a simple but sturdy breastplate bearing a Menofix over his leather jacket and hose, which is hidden by a large fur mantle if outside, and sometimes even inside. He kept his boots from his time as a soldier, though because of much repair, the are now not easily identified.

He also carries a heavily ornamented clefted greataxe in his right hand and a dagger at his belt.

Grigory is loud, brash, impolite, stubborn and easily roused to a fight – and that may be his good sides. Also he seems to be a braggart, only stopping drinking to eat or sleep, he seldom gets drunk enough to loose control and if he likes you, he will gladly share his food and drink with you, it’s just, he does not like many people, they tend to be dishonest and don’t enjoy
themselves and their time on Caen.

If people spend more time with Grigory, they discover that he, mostly, is up to what he tells of his skills with the greataxe and that they have found a brave, loyal and social, if not very educated and civilized, companion.

Also raised in the Old Faith and a true Menite, he is not as earnest and frivolous about his faith as so many other Menites. He does pray regular and visits a temple whenever he is in a town which has one, he adheres to the laws of men and god whenever he can, which indeed is most of the time, and hopes that he will be allowed to join Menoth fighting the forces of the Devourer Wurm in Urcaen after he dies. He does not outright despise non-humans, but merely pities them for not being able to experience the glory of Menoth and only seldom informs believers of the other gods of just how wrong they are and that they should convert. Alright, probably not as polite and eloquent, but neither with threats of violence – after all, it’s their soul they gave away to false gods.

Only followers of the Devourer will earn his wrath instantly and when fighting against them, he will not hold back.


Born in the small vilage of Dvorsk near the city of Skrovenberg, Grigory is the son of butcher and his wife, who died in childbirth 16 years ago. His younger brother Dmitri is going on to take over their father’s business. Also Grigory worked in his fathers butchery, he never had a knack for the work but was well versed with the knives and axes he used. When he was 15, he asked his
father for his permission to apply for joining the army. Also officially recruited to the winter guard at the age of 16, Grigory somehow managed to get himself into a backwater garrison in the Noveskyev volozkya, watching for the raiding bands of barbarian Skirov. The small garrison only had a handful of rifles and Grigory was one of the many who never got their hands on them for
more than a moment.

Relying on his enormous strength in combat against the barbarians, Grigory couldn’t care less, happy to hack his enemies into pieces with his axe. During one of these battles, young Grigory, disarmed by a dying barbarian’s last grasp and filled with holy fury at the sight of his comrades dying to the devious Devourer-worshippers tore a greataxe from the hands of one of the foul barbarians, swiftly beheading its owner. As more and more bodies piled around the huge warrior, he began to feel the Creator’s blessing on him, as if Menoth Himself was beside him in the struggle. Like Samson who slew an army with only the jawbone of an ass, Grigory wrought his Maker’s judgement upon the followers of the Wurm until they were routed. He named the toothy
autochthonous weapon ‘Judgement’ for the Shaper of Man had turned it against its barbaric creators.

After having served his regular time, he chose not to enlist further, but to make his fortune as a caravan guard and bodyguard for travelling merchants. The gold he earned during that time he spent for alcohol, women and better arms and armor, but mostly for alcohol and women.

His last trek was guarding a caravan carrying industrial products, boiler parts for
steamjacks and ships mostly, to Uldenfrost. Failing to negotiate a contract for the trip back, he found himself stuck in the city and looking for employment, as his money was disappearing fast.

Grigory signed on with The Corvis Expedition and accompanied them to the village on the Icebrands, where he helped fight the dregg menace that had killed all the villagers. He stayed in Uldenfrost to await permission from the Kapitan of its garrison to return and defeat the monsters for good.

Grigory Fedorovich

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