Dmitri Mendeleev

Bowyer/fletcher of the Icebrands, and hunter of dregg


Male Kossite
Age: 26. Died Vendarl 7, Rowen, 570 AR.
Height: 6’3", Weight: 190lbs.
Eyes: Green, Hair: Black

“The hunter effortlessly glided through the snow down towards town. He barely made a noise as he moved.”


Dmitri grew up in his little sleepy village in the far north. He, like his father and his father before him was a bowyer. But Dmitri’s real skill lied in in the craft of arrows. He made bows in the family business but excelled in the field as a fletcher for all the village’s hunters and militia. Life was good for him, and his young wife Agnessa. They were planning to have children. He was going to teach them to build bows, and to hunt. That was before the dregg began their attack.

Dmitri was a skilled tracker and hunter, and more than capable of defending himself, but was not a true warrior until the dregg came to his village. It is true when they say men do not choose their destiny, it chooses them. The attack of the dregg changed Dmitri from the happy and peaceful fletcher into angry man out for revenge.

When the dregg hit, Dmitri’s house like many others was attacked. He fought long
and hard to repel the attackers, but his wife Agnessa was slain. This drove him into a rage. Dmitri took up the best weapons he could find in his father’s store and joined the town militia to fight these beast.

Holed up in a cabin on the hill, Dmitri and the wolf-trainer Jachemir repelled the dregg for months, not sure if any other survivors were left in the village. When members of the Corvis expedition came to town, Dmitri saw an opportunity to strike back at the dregg. He helped lead the new warriors, including young Piotyr, into the cavernous lair of the dregg. Suffering many injuries from the subterranean battles that followed, Dmitri eventually was ambushed by an undead torturer, who used the fletcher’s pain and anguish as a weapon against Dmitri’s comrades.

Dmitri perished in the cold depths not far from his village, succumbing to wounds too numerous and ghastly to heal without a cleric of his faith.

Dmitri Mendeleev

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