Borok Ironbiter

Ogrun warrior and armorsmith


Male Ogrun
Age: 21. Died Vendarl 2, Rowen 570 AR.
Height: 8’, Weight: 435lbs
Eyes: Silver, Hair: Black

Borok was big. Granted, ogrun usually are, but it wasn’t uncommon for even other ogrun to get out of his way when he seemed purpose-bent on a mission. His hair, uncommon among male ogrun, was kept in a short, neat military-cut. He also kept a short beard that lined his lower jaw and encircled his mouth. Possibly the most striking feature of his face was his eyes, which were a pale silver-grey; set against the mottled grey skin, they seemed like beacons on his face.

When he was not clad in armor, Borok was dressed in earthy tones, mostly greys and browns, his clothing almost matching the color of his skin at times. In armor, however, he could almost be mistaken for a Khadoran warjack. Every piece of his unique armor was salvaged from fallen warjacks, mostly of Khadoran origins as he was a patriotic fellow and would not wish to be seen in the colors of his country’s enemies. It was no secret that he crafted the armor himself, considering its uniqueness and the way he cared for it. Still, the plating bore various battle-scars cut into it in the battles before the various pieces of armor on Borok’s back.

Borok was seldom far from the maul he carried. It was just as much a trophy as a weapon. The hammer was taken by force from a Cygnaran ’Jack who had no more need of it. Lately, Borok had been thinking the hammer was not doing as much damage as it used to, and he was disappointed that its housing no longer glowed and crackled with energy. But it smashed things all the same.


Borok was raised in a far northern ogrun village called Urlock on the East bank of Lake Nyreck . The son of the village’s smith, he learned his father’s trade well, taking his young aggression out on the metals he crafted. When something didn’t turn out the way he wanted it do, he took even more aggression out on it, crushing it back into raw metal.

As all young adventuring minds do, he felt the call to leave his village and “see the world”. On his journey to the cities of Khador, he saw a small force of the Khadoran military engaging a mercenary group. The strength of the warjacks impressed even an ogrun of his immense stature. Not knowing exactly WHAT they were, he endeavored to find out. In his first major city, he encountered a labor ’jack and tried to communicate with it, obviously with no luck. The handler, after a hearty laugh at the Ogrun trying to talk to his machine, took him aside and explained the general idea of what ’jacks were.

Borok was fascinated by them, and began to train himself to be stronger and faster and better than the machines, and fashioned himself a suit of armor made from scrap Jack parts. He began going out as a mercenary, sort of imitating ’jacks with his massive maul.

Although Borok’s might had saved the party several times, he died in a berserker rage alongside Blasko, as they fought dregg underground near the Icebrand Lakes.

Borok Ironbiter

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