Bodgor Strongarm

Ogrun ranger


Name: Bodgor Strongarm
Race: Ogrun
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Height: 8’3"
Weight: 472 lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black


Bogdor was born in Drotuhn, within the realms of the dwarves. His family moved to Drotuhn before his birth, but he grew up learning the skills of a miner, rarely finding it touching his soul, though there is always something to be said for aiding the dwarves.

After spending some time learning the basic skills of a ranger Bogdor took to the mountains to broaden his education of the wilds and has been moving west along the top of the continent. Eventually making his way to Skirov he stayed but a short time, preferring the wilderness. Over the last year or so he’s been wandering northwestern Khador, occasionally stopping as far south as Tverkutsk for supplies, but rarely staying any length of time.

Fairly tall even for an Ogrun at 8’3”, Bogdor is a prime specimen of his people. Having worked as a miner for a time as well as training in some martial combat has left Bogdor with impressive muscle. His time spent learning to walk the wilderness quietly has shown him to be quick and dexterous though he didn’t completely outgrow the clumsiness that an exit from youth often brings. Bogdor is well liked by others most of the time, and certainly he was always welcome at home, but the call of the wilds is strong in him. Cities serve a purpose, but perhaps his purpose lies outside the realm of stone and walls.

Bogdor is currently a bokur (without a liege) Ogrun. As a strong and charismatic member of his tribe, he has become a more skilled, or perhaps refined version of his warrior brethren. While still seeking his true purpose in life, he’s learned the ways of the wilderness around him, and begun the long and unpredictable path as a ranger. He hopes that over time, his travels and successes in life will reveal to him the purpose he seeks.

Bodgor’s newest home is with the Skretnya tribe of Thardic human barbarians, whom he has defended for several months while ascertaining their bravery. He befriended a young Ice Runner there named Koloz, and they were travel companions for a time. When Koloz left to guide a motley band of explorers back south to Uldenfrost, Bodgor remained with the Skretnya people to protect their dwindling population once more.

Bodgor Strongarm

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