Blasko Ilyovich

Skirov hunter and trapper


Age : 31. Died Vendarl 2, Rowen 570 AR.
Height: 6’2", Weight: 165 Lbs
Blue eyes, reddish blond hair

Blasko was a tall, lean Skirov man in his early thirties. Though physically quite strong, his wirey build wasn’t bulky at all. So thin he was, that when bathing in a frosty stream his spine and ribcage stuck out, looking like great hands grasping his torso. Blasko kept a mess of red-blond hair poorly trimmed under his Khadoran fur hat, and wore a moderate beard and moustache. His body and hands were covered in scars, attesting to his struggles against the rocks and teeth of the Khadoran wilderness. Blasko’s ice-blue eyes saw much, but revealed little.


A trapper by trade, Blasko spent much of his time travelling back and forth from his home in the Scarsfell and the frozen outpost of Uldenfrost, trading animal furs for food and supplies. When a bitter winter ruined much of his home, he joined with the Corvis Expedition to earn funds for repairs. When he met Rathlar Varnek, the two agreed to take the party to the Icebrand Lakes on a secret mission to find a lost Menite Paladin of the Wall. Although his childhood was filled with chilling tales of the Devourer Wurm, Blasko was a devout Menite. His borderline heretical views led him to believe it was his holy duty to spend his days in the wild and untamed lands, fighting beast and barbarian alike, instead of holing up in warm cities.

Blasko was killed while investigating dregg raiders under the village on the Icebrands. The dregg, the same cruel creatures which murdered Rathlar’s family, overwhelmed the injured trapper and stabbed him to death in their underground lair. His father’s beloved shortbow passed in the hands of the Kossite bowyer, Dmitri Mendeleev, and his spear was taken up by the young fisherman Piotyr Sadkovich.

Blasko Ilyovich

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