Asyazoya Sokol

Khardic arcane mechanik and hopeful Greylord


Tall and pale, with deep dark eyes and hair, Asyazoya’s absentminded manner neverthless gave her a girlish impression.


Asya was born on a large farm in Rustoknia to a wealthy kayazy landholder. Her parents employed a large number of household servants and Umbrean migrant workers. While attending a boarding school in Port Vladovar, a local Greylord Mishova Tchovensk recognized the girl’s magical talent. He offered to oversee the girl’s magical tutelage, and Asya’s parents accepted the wizard’s offer.

A few years later, shortly after the death of her mother, a border skirmish erupted between Ord and Khador. Asya’s father declined to rejoin the military force, instead electing to stay with his workers to produce food for the navy. After one Khadoran defeat, much of the military retreated in disorder to the Sokol farm. Asya’s father fed the army with his stocks and hired physicians and alchemists to tend the wounded.

While his actions saved many of the wounded men and officers that day, many people saw Asya’s father’s refusal of military service as cowardice bordering on treason. Only a few, like the burgeoning young magic user, perceived it as dedicated service to the Motherland.

A teenager now, Asyazoya’s time with her Greylord patron came to an end due to political objections regarding her family. Asya transfered to the Nine Boards in Skrovenberg, and embarked on new studies in War and Estates. Secretly, though, Asya’s Greylord benefactor was providing her the encouragement and advice she’d need to enrole in the Khadoran Institute of Engineering in Korsk. With university background in magic, war, and steam technology, the young woman was being groomed for a promising career as a military arcane mechanik.

After years of training, she applied for entrance into the Greylord Covenant. Old prejudices against her family caused her application to be rejected, but Asya would not be turned away so easily. She vowed to prove her abilities to the secretive wizardly order, so they assigned her the task of traveling with an expedition from Cygnar into the Northlands.

In Uldenfrost, Asya met with her new Greylord superiors. Koldun Grigorivich and Uchenik Ivana Rachlavsky would have the final say on whether Asya’s dedication and abilities would warrant a second look at her application to the Covenant. While Azya proved to be both brave and compassionate, her foolhardy nature lead to her eventual demise.

While crossing an ancient bridge, Asyazoya’s career met with tragedy, as she was devoured by a pale tatzylwurm lurking in the waters below.

Asyazoya Sokol

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