Iron Kingdoms: Flight from the North

The Story So Far
The first six years

The Story So Far…

In 570 AR, a group of scholars and explorers from Corvis University in Cygnar set out to the Khadoran port of Uldenfrost on an expedition to catalogue the flora and fauna of Immoren’s arctic frontier. It was to be a diplomatic milestone for the two nations, now enjoying a time of relative peace and prosperity. However things turned sour when two of the expedition guides led members of the company on a perilous rescue mission in an abandoned fishing village on the Icebrand Lakes. The group was able to free a captive Menite paladin from his ghastly captors, but not without suffering heavy casualties, including the expedition’s Greylord military escort. The group had uncovered a half-sunken cargo freighter filled with horrible dregg marauders serving a cruel spectral master. This malevolent being escaped after murdering some of the village’s last survivors, and sinking the ancient ship with all its secrets.

Meanwhile, a splinter of the original group took a different route along the coast, and found themselves led to an isolated barbarian tribe at the estuary of the Uldenstream River. The tribe’s elder spoke of a curse, a homicidal madness that gripped the tribe’s leaders and many warriors and caused them to end each other’s lives in a bizarre massacre. A lost Rhulic wizard held captive there spoke of his own doomed expedition, an attempt to locate a lost Orgoth fortress not written of in human records. Weary of their travels, and grieving lost companions, the remaining explorers returned with barbarian escorts to Uldenfrost to resupply for an new expedition.

The two groups reunited in Uldenfrost to a cold homecoming, fired upon and taken captive by the city’s Winter Guard garrison and its Greylord leader. The Koldun Lord demanded to know what happened to the expedition’s Greylord emissary and escort, and revealed that the expedition’s scholarly old leader had led a fatal assault on the city’s walls. Under heavy suspicion, the party was released to find lodgings in Uldenfrost, but forbidden from leaving the city. However, with the help of some local investigators, they learned that not all was as it seemed. A mysterious messenger with mastery of dark enchantments told them that the true fate of Professor Clapton would be revealed— if they could only find the right ship…


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