Iron Kingdoms Flight from the North


There are strange things done in the midnight sun
by the men who moil for gold;
the Arctic trails have their secret tales
which would make your blood run cold.
-“The Cremation of Sam McGee”, Robert Service

570 AR, Khador. Nearly forty years ago, in northmost regions of Western Immoren, a group of unlikely adventurers sought their fortune after the unexpected fate of their arctic expedition from Corvis. This is a play-by-post game hosted on, and a continuation of Simon Spencer Gaudin’s A Short Walk in the North which ran briefly in 2006.

“Flight From The North” is a literary, character-based role-playing experience, with a focus on well-written descriptions, deeply realized characters, and interesting dialogue. Exciting combat and suspenseful treasure seeking do play a part in the campaign, but the emphasis will be solidly on dramatic group-storytelling. Those looking to throw down dice for some quick no-frills action and a hoard of nifty loot might be disappointed. Currently, the game is set in a very urban part of the Iron Kingdoms, and is focused on intrigue and mystery among Ceryl’s elite scholars and nobles.

The game has recently been reworked to fit the 2nd Edition Iron Kingdoms rules.

Iron Kingdoms: Flight from the North

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